torando damages home roofs

Earlier this year, storms hit the Philadelphia area with weather that was more destructive than usual. A tornado struck about 50 miles from our city in Morgantown, causing damage to several homes and businesses there. We’re used to storms in our region, but even for us, that was dangerous and scary.

High winds and big storms are the most significant threats for homes and homeowners, and they can wreak havoc with your roof and your pocketbook when you suddenly need to deal with their aftermath. Fortunately, IC Construction specializes in repairing storm damage. In this article, we’ll list the most important things to do in the wake of such a storm. 



Tornadoes and severe thunderstorms pose grim threats to people and property. If you’re present when they strike, move to the lowest area of your home and stay there until the storm passes. If you’re unfortunate and the dangerous weather damages your home, leave immediately. 

Take any signs of structural damage seriously. It can weaken the integrity of your entire home, which risks further collapse and more loss. Get out fast and stay safe. 


Call 911

You don’t know how extensive the damage to your home is, or what was damaged. There may be a chance that a gas line ruptured, or there could be live electrical discharge. Call 911 and let them make sure that everything is safe before you do anything else. 

The fire department can quickly assess the extent of the damage and check for structural vulnerability as well as shut off any utilities. 


Call Your Insurance Agent

You carry homeowners’ insurance for moments like this. Call your insurance agent so you can get a full financial estimate of the damage. Ask them exactly how much they will pay out for repairs. Most of the time, your insurance will request quotes from a contractor and then approve payment upon completion of the work. 


Call a Contractor

Many construction contractors have experience with storm damage. Professional contractors, like IC Construction, will come and inspect the damage and provide you with a full quote to repair it. You’ll likely need this quote to present to your insurance company to get compensation. 

Make sure the construction contractor has experience with storm-damage repair and an excellent reputation for completing jobs. The last thing you need is to get cheated after you’ve suffered devastation like this, and storms tend to bring disreputable contractors out of the woodwork. 


Make Sure Your Home Is Secure

If your home is going to be uninhabitable while the repairs are going on, make sure that you lock it up. Get everything of value out, lock the doors, and ask your neighbors to look after it if you can. With an excellent contractor like IC Construction working on it, you should be back home quickly. 

Storms like this are our specialty. If you’re unfortunate enough to experience storm damage, don’t hesitate to call. We’ll be there for you.