What are the Advantages And Disadvantages Of Tile Roofing Systems?

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Tile Roofing is one of the most beautiful roofing options available on the market today. They provide homes with exceptional curb appeal and can last a lifetime when taken care of properly. However, tile roofing is one of the most expensive roofing options available and can cause quite a strain on the structures of older homes. Like most things in life, tile roofing comes with its fair share of advantage and disadvantages.

Whether you opt for tile roofing or not, you can rest assured that our trusted roofing specialists will do an excellent job laying your brand new roof for you. At Industrial Roofing Contractors, we offer professional commercial and residential roofing services in the city of Philadelphia.




Incredible Curb Appeal

Tile roofing is by far the best roofing option if you’re looking for exceptional quality and style. It provides your home with a beautiful Mediterranean aesthetic and is available in varying styles and colors. Tile roofing can be made from ceramic, terracotta, slate, clay and concrete roofing materials. It allows you to style and customize the roof of your home to suit your unique preferences.


Lasts A Lifetime

One of the great things about tile roofing is that if you take care of it properly it will last you a lifetime. Tile roofing is incredibly durable and can withstand just about the fiercest weather conditions, rot, UV rays, fires and insect infestation. The maintenance of tile roofing is pretty easy and can be done by you or by the experts at Industrial Roofing Contractors.


Increase Your Home’s Value

Installing an expertly laid tile roof will automatically improve the resale price of your home, making the installation of tile roofing the perfect home investment. And because a tile roof will pretty much last a lifetime, you’ll never have to replace your roof and will thus be saving on your original investment.




Expensive Roofing Option

While we can admit that tile roofing has many advantages, we have to recognize that it is one of the most expensive roofing options on the market. Tile roofing is out of reach for many homeowners but sometimes there are some tax benefits that you can reap with a tile roof. There are cheaper roofing options out there for your home with an equal amount of roofing benefits.


Heavier Than Other Roofing Options

Tile roofing is made from either slate, ceramic, terracotta, clay or concrete. These roofing options are a lot heavier than asphalt shingles, metal or cedar roofing options. Heavier roofing materials can place quite a strain on the structure of your home and some homes might not be equipped for a tile roof.



Exceptional Tile Roofing Services In Philadelphia

At Industrial Roofing Contractors we offer homeowners professional tile roofing services in the Philadelphia area. Our roofing specialists provide unmatched customer service and dedicated workmanship to all our customers. For quality tile roofing services, give Industrial Roofing Contractors a call today.


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