Roofing Materials for Popular Philadelphia Home Styles

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Replacing your home’s roof is not a decision to be taken lightly. Besides it being perhaps the single most important component of the home, it is also likely the most expensive component, so you will want to take your time with this decision. You can count on the options being endless, we can tell you that. Industrial Roofing Contractors will happily guide you through this process when you’re ready to replace your roof in Philadelphia. Below we share the best roofing materials popular Philadelphia home styles. 



Metal is one of the most durable materials for roofing on the market today. Its sheer strength means it can withstand any kinds of extreme weather conditions, not that this is a major concern in Philadelphia. 

Metal as a roofing material can be imagined in so many different ways too. You’d be forgiven for thinking it has to be presented as bland, silver sheets. They come in a variety of colors and are able to be texturized, with stone-coated metal roofing serving as a good alternative for more premium roofing options. 

Flat roofs, which is Industrial Roofing Contractors’ speciality, can also make use of metal as its material. The most popular type for this function is aluminium, which is superior in terms of its durability. 

Whether tiled or flat, an added benefit of metal roofing is its ability to reflect heat, which will impact your home’s energy costs in a good way. This is a particularly valuable point for home located in the Philly heat. 


Asphalt shingles

Asphalt shingles is our other recommended roofing material for Philadelphia homes. Homeowners love this option because it presents an affordable roofing material, without having to compromise on durability. You can expect to get a roofing lifespan of around 30 years using asphalt shingles, which also allows homeowners to choose from a variety of options. 

The most popular types of asphalt shingles are architectural shingles and 3-tab shingles, both of which Industrial Roofing Contractors is experienced in installing with great success. 

The important thing when deciding on your home’s roofing material is to thoroughly consult with your residential roofing service provider, taking into account your budget, home’s structure and design preference. 

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