Residential Roofing: 4 Non-Aesthetic Factors to Consider

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The design and construction of one’s home is an exciting journey to experience, despite its pains every now and then. Most homeowners are mainly concerned with the design of the house and what it looks like. It’s a big factor that determines one’s preference in roof type, material and style too. 

But there’s a whole lot more to roofing than just the aesthetics of it. In fact, the look should be last on the list of considerations to make, if we’re being entirely practical and honest.

These are the 4 main things to consider when making a decision with regards to your roofing.


1. Lifespan

If you’ve decided to make the investment of a roof replacement or new roof, you’re going to want to get the most bang for your buck. And there’s a lot of bang to be made when you know your investment will last a very long time, sometimes a whole lifetime even. The variation in lifespans of different roofing options is quite broad, with some like asphalt shingles lasting up to 30 years, while others like slate lasting up to 100 years! 


2. Durability

How long your roof lasts will also depend on how durable it is. It’s important to consider a roofing option that can withstand a whole range of weather conditions, from extreme rain and hail to gail force winds and even extreme heat. Be on the lookout for materials that are fire-repellant to for extra safety.


3. Maintenance requirements

It’s no use installing the cheapest option when after installation you’re going to have to spend on maintenance costs anyway. The best route to take is to opt for a roofing option that is light on maintenance requirements, saving you in the long run – time, money and effort. 


4. Energy efficiency

The impact of our purchasing decisions on the environment can no longer be ignored or taken lightly. Make sure that you install a roofing option that will directly or indirectly impact your energy efficiency. For example, some materials are better than other at regulating temperatures that others, lessening the home’s reliance on artificial coolers and heaters inside the home, saving you energy costs.  

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