Siding is the outer barrier of protection for your home. Much like a roof protects from hail, wind, and rain, the siding of a home also protects from these common Philadelphia weather conditions. Properly installed siding plays a vital role in the security of your home. There are many other reasons to have properly installed vinyl siding. Let’s explore a few. 

A vinyl siding system in Philadelphia will be approximately $4,200 and $15,600. The variance in price depends upon the type of vinyl siding, thickness, and other factors.

Best siding replacement in Philadelphia

What are some benefits of new vinyl siding? 

Keeps Out Moisture

Siding assists in keeping moisture where it needs to be: outside. Vinyl siding can shed water quickly and keep it away from soaking into materials. Excess moisture can cause mold issues or excessive damage to windows, doors, and the foundation, so it is wise to invest in proper siding to keep your home dry. 

Keeps Pests Away

Pests such as insects and spiders can be kept at bay with properly installed siding. Modern siding materials are created to resist cracks and warping, keeping them insect-proof. Termites and birds cannot burrow into siding as easily as they can with a painted wood exterior. 


It is important to keep a home warm during the cold Philadelphia months, and siding can assist with that. Strong winds are kept from entering the home by sealing up the walls with siding. A good quality house wrap and insulation assist with keeping your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Best Siding Installation in Philadelphia

Curb Appeal

There are so many options to consider with color and style to help your home pop and stand out from the others on the block. Besides a classy, fresh new look, siding can increase the value of your home by up to 76.7 percent of the cost, according to experts. 

Today, many homeowners desire to tackle certain projects on their own. YouTube is full of videos and guidance. It gives a sense of pride and many feel they can save money through DIY projects. Is siding something to do as a weekend DIY project? The clear answer to this would be: NO! And there are some good reasons why. (Protect your new siding with a better water management system, check our new gutter costs in Philadelphia now!)

  • Dangerous to climb on two-story buildings without proper equipment. Skilled siding installers are taught proper and safe procedures when climbing on tall homes
  • Some warranties become void if the siding is not installed properly
  • Removal of current material produces a huge amount of debris. This old material must be disposed of properly
  • A professional installation crew can take 3 to 5 days to tear off, repair, and replace new siding. It would be more time-consuming for the average homeowner. 

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