3 Simple Steps for Handling Roof Storm Damage in Philadelphia

Severe storms and harsh winters can bring hail, wind, and ice damage to roofs in Philadelphia.  When your roof is damaged in a severe weather event it’s important to act promptly to address the current damage and prevent further damage to the roof and the rest of your home.  Following these three simple steps will help you navigate the storm damage restoration process and have your roof back to normal in no time.

1. Perform a Self-Assessment

The first step in addressing potential storm damage to your roof is performing a general, self-assessment of the situation to prepare yourself for the rest of the restoration process.

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Look for Signs of Damage

Often when a storm blows through Philadelphia there will be obvious signs of damage to your roof that you’ll be able to see even with an untrained eye.  Some of the things you’ll want to look for are:

  • Lifting or Missing Shingles
  • Damaged Shingles
  • Dents or Punctures in the Roof
  • Missing Granules or Granules in Downspouts
  • Bent or Broken Gutters
  • Damaged Siding
  • Damaged Flashing, Vents, and Chimneys
  • Interior Leaks at Ceilings and Walls

Look for Signs of Storm Severity

Sometimes a severe weather event will occur, but you either can’t see any damage to your roof or your just not 100% sure what you’re looking at.  If you think that a storm was severe enough to cause damage to your roof take note of the surrounding area to indicate whether or not the severity of the storm may have caused damage to your home.  Some observations that indicate storm severity are:

  • Damage to Neighboring Roofs
  • Damage to Freestanding Structures Like Fences and Sheds
  • Fallen Branches and Limbs
  • Misplaced or Overturned Patio Furniture and Trash Cans
  • Local Philadelphia Weather Reports

Take an Inventory

Now that you know what to look for, you’ll want to keep a notepad, phone, or tablet handy to take notes.  Make an inventory of the things you’re noticing from visible damage to the wind speeds and hail sightings that were reported by local news reports.  Make sure to take note of the date of the storm and the weather observed.  This is important for insurance purposes in determining if the storm that came through was capable of causing the observed damage to the roof.

Philadelphia, PA storm damage roof repair company

Take Photographs

Along with your inventory it’s an excellent idea to take photographs of the damage and other signs of the storm.  Pictures will corroborate your inventory and help guide your insurance adjuster and roofing contractor when the time comes, giving them a place to start with their own inspections.  Once photographs are taken of the surrounding area you can begin to clean up any fallen limbs and displaced items if you’d like.  You don’t need to leave your yard a mess while you wait for the restoration process to begin.

2. Call Your Insurance Provider

You’ve determined that your roof has storm damage from the most recent Philadelphia storms, now it’s time to call your insurance provider.  When you start the insurance claim process your provider will send out an adjuster to inspect the roof for damage to determine the appropriate course of action for repairs.  Make sure to have your policy number, inventory, and pictures ready when you call.

3. Call Your Trusted, Local Philadelphia Roofing Professional

When your roof has been damaged in a storm, you need a local Philadelphia roofing company you can trust.  Industrial Roofing Contractors offers free estimate and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  We will walk with you through the claims process to ensure your roof is getting the best service possible and that you’re appropriately compensated by your insurance company as your policy dictates.