Doing it yourself is a fast and straightforward way to save a couple of bucks. However, when it comes to your roof, your attempt at DIY repairs will likely lead to more problems than you had before. That is why it is essential to consult your Philadelphia’s roofing expert before taking roofing repairs into your own hands. Here is a list of easily avoidable roofing mistakes that happen all too frequently.


Pulling Up Roofing Shingles to Look For Leaks

Checking for leaks and cracks in your shingles is an essential part of being a conscientious roof owner. There are good and bad ways to go about it, though. Pulling up roofing shingles falls in the latter category.

Shingles are laid out to be a protective armor for your home against snow, rain, and hail. Lifting the shingles can alter the alignment of that armor and leave the roof susceptible to more cracks. Here is how you should do it.

Using a flashlight, go into your attic after a rainstorm and examine the rafters for wet spots. Once you find the highest point of the leak, measure the distance from the gable end to the source. Then, go the roof, preferably when it is dry, and transfer your measurements before filling in the crack or hole.


Neglecting the Attic

The roof and attic go hand-in-hand, though many homeowners forget this. It is essential to consider both of them whenever you are making repairs or upgrades to one. That way, your home functions seamlessly as a single unit.

The major areas that homeowners overlook are ventilation and insulation. Proper ventilation will prevent shingles from wearing out sooner than they should and protects against excessive moisture. Similarly, insulation can serve a complementary role as it bolsters the heating and cooling capacities of a home, depending on the materials used to construct your roof.


Pressure Washing The Roof

This notion seems counterintuitive. Of course, you want a clean roof. Why would you not want to pressure clean it? Simply put, pressure washing has the same effect that torrential rain has on your roofing materials.

While the process will eliminate dirt and grime, much more ends up being removed. The ceramic minerals in asphalt shingles, for instance, will deteriorate and leave you with worn down roofing. If you have leaks, pressure washing is a one-way invitation to letting water seep into your home.


Final Thoughts

It is not surprising that adding a new roof and regularly maintaining it can seem like a lot of work. When homeowners try to take shortcuts or are not informed, inefficient rehab methods can undermine the integrity of the roof. If you have any doubts about properly caring for or repairing a rooftop, make sure to call an expert first.

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