Flat roofs are often deployed for commercial buildings. It presents a cost-effective roofing solution and in addition is energy efficient, which is especially important for businesses. But it must be noted that flat roofs don’t come without their faults. With our experience installing commercial flat roofs in Philadelphia, Industrial Roofing Contractors can share what some of those commons problems are. 


1. Water build-up

As one will come to expect from a flat roof, there is a big risk of water accumulating on the surface. The trouble is that once this happens and if it’s gone unchecked, the roof’s membrane is compromised, which in turn causes leaks within the home. We advise homeowners to incorporate a tapered insulation system, which will help in ridding the flat roof of water.  


2. Edge damage

While water stuck on the surface of your flat roof is one problem, water on the edge of the roof is another. This is more a draining concern than a roofing concern persay, but if left unchecked, it can cause major damage to your flat roof. Adequate drainage should never be overestimated in its importance to the health of your roof, especially flat roofs. 


3. Cracked surfaces

In the industry this is referred to as alligatoring. Over time, exposure to external elements like rain and heat, can result in a series of cracks resembling alligator skin. The trick to avoiding this is to implement a good quality coating systems. Considering a good job is done, this will create a watertight surface, which will also guard against the harmful effects of the sun.