Green roofs have become the new trend in home design, and they are great for those looking to create an environment that feels more natural. Green roofing systems can include different types of plant life like vines or grasses, providing endless possibilities for what your rooftop can look like.

However, if you have moss, algae, and lichen growing on your roof, please note that these are not green roofing features. These plant organisms can cause significant damage to your roofing systems and should be removed immediately. Today, we’ll be taking a look at how lichens can affect the roof of your home and why you should get rid of them when first spotted.


What Are Lichens?

Lichens are particularly harmful organism that evolves from the interaction between algae and fungi. They’re capable of surviving on just about any surface and environment, and their invasive nature can be pretty detrimental to your roofing system.


How Lichen Affects Your Roof


Ruins Your Curb Appeal

Lichen growths on your rooftop can create quite an unsightly image, and they’ll make your roof look like it is poorly maintained and deteriorated. If you plan on selling your home, significant lichen growth on your rooftop can affect your home’s selling price.


Harm Your Shingles

Lichens love to grow on the roof of your house, especially during hot and moist seasons. They eat away at anything they can get their roots into until there’s nothing left. This means that if lichens are allowed free reign over your rooftop for very long periods, you’ll be left with a shell of a roofing system.


Loosen Shingles

If lichens are able to grow beneath your roofing shingles, they may loosen the shingles over time and eventually cause it to detach completely. If the lichen growth on your roof is quite significant, you may lose quite a bit of roofing shingles, which will expose the roof deck of your home to the elements.


Difficult to Navigate Across Your Roof

Navigating across your roof if you have significant lichen growth can be pretty tricky. This is because the organism’s slippery surface holds onto any water and moisture that falls on it, creating a rather treacherous experience for those walking across.


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