Philadelphia gets about 20 inches of snow per year, according to records kept. Thankfully that amount doesn’t all fall at the same time. It is just enough for children to create snowballs and snow angels, but not more than what can be handled. 

We Philadelphians must know how to keep our roofs safe just in case we have a blizzard some through and dump a significant portion of snow at once. A roof can handle a good amount of snow but it is still wise to know how to keep it safe. Here are some excellent tips for safe and effective snow removal off of your roof.

snow build up Philadelphia

Snow Rake

This tool is extremely useful when it comes to removing snow from your roof. These handy tools can be found at your local hardware store. They are long aluminum poles, with a blade attached at the end. The rod is extended up on your roof and used to gently pull the snow off the edge, to the ground. However, snow rakes should be used with caution. Here are some tips when using a snow rake.

  • Only use on first-floor homes. They are not intended to be used on second-story homes or those that can’t be safely reached. 
  • Be sure of your footing. Pulling snow from a rooftop can cause you to lose your balance. 
  • Begin pulling from the edge, and extend further back allowing minimal amounts of snow to be removed at a time. 
  • Pull gently. The goal is not to damage the roofing material under the snow.
  • Dress warmly. While you may begin to work up a sweat, remember it is still winter out there. Wear appropriate clothing to stay warm. 
  • Do not use a snow rake while on a ladder. Once again, you could lose your balance and become injured. 

Be Aware of the Weather

It is prudent to wear the proper amount of layers when it comes to snow removal. Hats, gloves, slip-proof boots, and a jacket are all smart options. Hypothermia and frostbite can occur quickly. Be aware of upcoming weather to know when it is wise to remove excess snow from your roof. You want to avoid a lesson in futility regarding snowfall.  

Remove Snow in Small Batches

Avoid trying to remove massive amounts of snow at once. Use a snow rake to pull off snow from the edges, then extend further back for another pull. If you try to pull off massive amounts at once you may create an avalanche and bury yourself in a massive snow pile. 

Keep Some Snow on the Roof

snow on the roof

While you may desire to get off as much snow as possible, keep in mind the integrity of the roofing material underneath. Your method of snow removal may scratch, rip or damage the roofing material which will cause expensive repairs in the springtime. Use caution, and keep some snow on the roof for a protective barrier. 

Seek Professional Assistance

The safest and best way to remove snow from your roof is to make a phone call to a trusted and reliable roofing contractor for assistance. Industrial Roofing Contractors have built our company on a reputation of being quality roofing experts delivering outstanding standards of excellence and attention to every detail.  We are absolutely committed to quality, integrity, and absolute perfection. 

Call us for assistance with all of your roofing needs!  100% satisfaction guaranteed.