The winter season is upon us in Frankford. As a homeowner in Frankford, it’s vital that your roofing is prepared for the cold weather and that you have a plan in place for any winter roof damage that your home could sustain. But what are the most common winter roof problems in Frankford and what can be done to minimize them?

winter weather damage in Frankford

In this article, we will discuss:

  • Common sources of winter weather damage in Frankford
  • Tips to help you prepare your home for winter
  • Information about Industrial Roofing Contractors 

Frankford Roofing: 5 Winter Roof Problems

Harsh Winds

During the winter, the Frankford area is prone to harsh winds. Harsh winds can cause a lot of problems for your roofing, such as loose, cracked, or missing shingles, damaged flashing, or even issues with your chimney. 

Roof Leaks

Roof leaks are another common winter roof problem in Frankford. A roof leak can hurt your roof’s health and the overall energy efficiency of your home’s insulation. During the winter, your roof will expand and shrink due to temperature fluctuations. In turn, this could cause any leaks in your roof to worsen over time which could cause your roof to leak more and condensation to potentially build up in the attic of your home. 

Weak Tree Limbs & Branches

During the winter season, the potential for winter ice, snow, and high winds can cause any loose tree limbs and branches to fall onto your home and cause roof damage

Heavy Snowfall

Homeowners in Frankford can expect a lot of heavy snowfall during the winter months. If a lot of snow builds on your roof, the weight can sometimes cause structural issues to your home or your roof could potentially. 

Ice Dams

The wintertime in Frankford can bring ice dams. Ice dams are when the snow on your roof is melting slightly, either from your home’s heat or the sun, and then refreezes. The weight of the ice dam on your roof can cause leaks and has the potential to cause costly shingle damage.

Tips to Help Prepare Your Frankford Home for Winter 

winter roof problems in Frankford

Book a Roof Inspection

Booking a professional roof inspection before the winter season is in full force can help you determine what issues need to be fixed before winter comes. 

Clean Your Gutters

It’s a great idea to prep your gutters for winter by having them inspected and cleaned. Maintaining your gutters before the winter months will ensure that they can effectively funnel water away from your roofing and home and will help you avoid costly issues down the line. 

Clear Away Branches

Another step that you can take is safely removing any overgrown foliage or weak branches that are near your roofing or home. Trimming and clearing away overhanging branches will help prevent them from falling on your home and causing various levels of damage. 

Upgrade Your Home’s Ventilation & Insulation

Before it gets too cold, it’s a great idea to ensure that your home is properly insulated and ventilated. Having a professional inspection done will help you evaluate if there is more insulation that can be added that will help you regulate your home’s temperature, reduce your monthly electric bills, and ensure that you will stay warm. 

Have an Emergency Plan in Place

The final step in prepping your roof for winter is having an emergency plan if your home sustains damage during the winter months. You should gather online storm damage resources from your local government. 

Hiring a Local Company

Last, but not least, hiring a local company for all of your roofing and home improvement needs will make all the difference when it comes to receiving personalized and reliable solutions for your home. A local company will have experience with your city’s climate and be able to offer you services that will help fortify your home against the weather in Frankford. 

Industrial Roofing Contractors: Serving the Frankford Community 

Industrial Roofing Contractors is proud to serve Frankford and the surrounding community with quality materials, professional workmanship, and durable roofing solutions. 

At Industrial Roofing Contractors, our main priority is to ensure 100% customer satisfaction and give every project the attention to detail that it deserves. We’ve built our company and reputation as experts in the industry with years of high-quality repair, replacement, and maintenance.

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