Commercial Foam Roofing

Commercial Foam Roofing in Philadelphia, PA

Have you been considering a new style of construction for your commercial building’s roof? If you’ve been shopping around for different options to find something that’s fast, efficient, and effective, polyurethane commercial foam roofing may be the right answer for you!

Foam roofing is simple to install and provides a polished, seamless finish. This type of roof construction, which utilizes materials like isocyanate and polyol, can be spray-applied to your roof in a liquid form.

Once applied, it can then be sealed, typically with a top coat that’s elastomeric. Foam roofing was developed intentionally for commercial use as an improvement on prior leak-protection methods. Its seamless construction makes it superior to most other styles of commercial roofing when it comes to protecting against seeping water. It also provides improved UV protection for older buildings because of its high shine.

If you’re looking for commercial foam roofing that is high quality, installed by experts, and competitively priced, Industrial Roofing Contractors is the way to go! We’re Philadelphia’s number one commercial roofing company for both quality and value. You won’t find more thorough work at a better price anywhere. Give us a call today and we’ll answer all your questions or set up an appointment and give you an estimate.

Is a Foam Roof Right for My Business?

Heat-welded seals are becoming less and less common in modern commercial roofing, but there are still many styles of modern roofing which consist of layers of different materials which are connected by strongly bonded seams.

While these seams are generally very effective when the roof is first installed, they can become vulnerable to damage and weakness over time. When they do weaken, the risk of leaks increases exponentially. However, with commercial foam roofing, the foam spray application completely removes the necessity for seams which significantly reduces the risk of leaks, especially over time.


Foam roofing is also extremely versatile. Because the spray on foam can adhere to nearly any kind of surface, many different building styles can be adapted to have a foam roof. Also, you don’t have to be concerned about irregular features like vents or HVAC units, since installation is a simple as spraying around these features. That also means that commercial foam roof installation is typically faster than other types of commercial roofing installation.


And not only does commercial foam roofing provide exceptional leak protection and make fast, flexible installation possible, it’s also very reasonably able to last two decades or even longer, with very low routine maintenance. Foam commercial roofing can be an excellent investment for the right building.

Affordable Foam Roof System Installation

There are many reasons that we recommend foam roofing installation for commercial buildings. Simple and fast installation, of course, is one reason, but we also strongly recommend commercial foam roofing for many buildings because it’s the most cost-effective over time. It’s very affordable on the front end and saves you a great deal of money over time due to its seamless leak protection as well as its improved energy efficiency.

Not only does its bright, shiny finish offer UV protection, it also protects your building from overheating, while the foam works as a type of insulation, which means that you’ll save on utility bills and heating and cooling costs. As a matter of fact, some commercial building owners end up saving about 30 percent on their energy costs every year after installing commercial foam roofing.

If you’re considering a new roof for your commercial building, we urge you to give our expert commercial roofing consultants a call. We’ll look at all the factors and determine whether a foam roofing system is the right choice for your building. You won’t find another commercial roofing company that is as accommodating as we are—that’s why we’re the roofing company of choice in Philadelphia and the surrounding area.

When you choose Industrial Roofing Contractors, you’re choosing a company that you can trust and depend on, and we have the track record to prove it. Of course, we want the opportunity to prove it to you personally, too. That’s why we’re so willing to do free consultations and help you figure out the best choice for your building, whether it’s a foam commercial roofing system, a metal commercial roofing system, a built up roofing system, or another option. We experts in all types of commercial roofing, and we can give you a solid professional opinion. Give us a call today!

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